WEBINAR Recording

from 25th MARCH 2015

Hey, thanks heaps to those who joined us live for the webinar. Very cool to have you on board.

As promised we wanted to share the webinar recording with you so you have the chance to go back and revisit some of the content we covered today - seriously this stuff is a game-changer if you put it into action. 

For those who missed the webinar, and are catching up...groovy. Enjoy the viewing. Also, if you wanna see what Alison and I speak about at conferences, check out the videos below.

To view click directly on the video footage below - it's awesome even the second, third or seventieth time round.  Feel free to share this page with anyone you think might benefit...

Stay cool, Darren.

To grab your copy of the book  click here

To grab your copy of the book click here


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