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  Tough Conversations Made Easy

how to achieve results from the key conversations at work

So you've got people you work with...and most of the time, things are great. In fact, sometimes they're better than great, it's bloody marvellous. Work gets done. High five. Much cheering...well at least that's how it looks in the good times.

But it's not always like that, is it?

Put simply, the people you work with...well, sometimes they drive you just about freakin' crazy, don't they? Maybe they haven't delivered something on time, perhaps their standards have slipped, or maybe they are doing a good job – but their attitude – man! It.  just. stinks.

We've all been there. And someone - often you - needs to have a tough conversation. But it isn't easy;

ever put off having a feedback conversation with a staff member because it seemed too hard?

Might've lost sleep over a workplace conversation that didn't go well?

 wanted to learn how to handle sensitive situations more effectively?



If that's you....

Well great news. We've got a webinar to help. And it's free.

You've just got to hit the link below

What am I going to get in this webinar?

Well here's what you won't get.

  • Esoteric advice like 'if you believe it you'll achieve'
  • 7 secret tips to success that will make you rich

You won't get that crap because we're not into it. Crap that is. But we're soooo into giving you good, solid grounded advice based on real research.  The webinar will be run by Darren Hill, a behavioural scientist. He's worked with the biggest companies on the planet such as Pepsico, Macca's, Schweppes and Mattel and some of Australia's most recognisable organisations like Suncorp, Australian Govt, Bond University, Sydney Water and Bluecare to name a few. You're in very, very good hands.

That's fine, but what are we covering?

Gotcha. In our free hour-long session we'll be looking at;

  • some awesome tools for depersonalising tough feedback 
  • why people sometimes take things personally...when you're just trying to talk to them about their work
  • the 3 biggest mistakes people make in a tough conversation
  • a 3-step plan to help you get a better result EVERY time

There's going to be heaps more we'll cover  in the hour, but surely that's enough for you, isn't it. Hit the link. We'll see you on the other side.


Warning: these webinars tend to get loads of peeps signing up. We've had them often sell out in the past...And why wouldn't they? They're free – and they're filled with huge value. So get crack-a-lackin and sign up by hitting the link above. You know you wanna... 

Hey, quick question. Are you gonna record this webinar?

NOPE. We're not. Soz. It's just for live attendees only. We love the roar of the crowd. 

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