Having tough conversations is tough. The sheer thought of it can leave you in a sweaty ball of anxiety or even wondering if moving the family to an ashram in the mountains of India would actually be easier to do.

One of the things that we have control over is the state that we carry during these conversations. Because how you turn up changes how the conversation goes. Others pick up on our state far quicker than they comprehend what we're saying.  

Throughout this focus area, STATE, we're going to unpack how to shift from feeling anxious to feeling calm - even amongst the uncertainty 

It's not to say that feeling stressed or nervous is a bad thing... it's actually a good thing. It means that you care. AND the ability to move into a calm amongst the uncertainty will allow you to stay in the rational part of your thinking. Here are a few more insights into what we'll focus on: 


The pathway.

Having the self-awareness to recognise what state you are in, and how this is likely to impact an impending conversation is a key skill for any leader (and any person really). 

We're going to explore the techniques for you that will help you move you from Zumba dancing, to a calm and centred Yogi before a tough stuff discussion.

In the STATE pathway we'll look at:

  1. The impact that your body language has on changing your state
  2. Strategies to shift into a possibility mindset and how this can change what you see as being possible
  3. Tips on recognising the anxiety-thinking patterns, and ways to shift to calm-thinking patterns.

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