A fair process will gain trust

As a manager it's par for the course you'll need to have conversations with your people about tough stuff, and being seen to be in control —even when you might not be perfectly clear of the ultimate outcome— is challenging.

While some people thrive on change and the unknown, this same context can bring a sense of fear to others, magnifying any conflict present. It's kind of like sunburn. When you're sunburnt, any small touch (e.g. a pat on the shoulder) becomes painful, when any other day, it's seen as a normal, even care-filled exchange.

This can be what happens when conflict is present. You're taking due care to have the conversation —and that's a good thing— and yet the other person only feels hurt. They're sunburnt. 

Typically this sensitivity to emotion and conflict can occur when people feel like they have not been made aware of the process and given an adequate chance to get their head around it. 

So the method to overcome the sunburn is to find something soothing —a corporate type of aloe vera— and it's not difficult with a bit of pre-planning. The most important thing to consider with creating a ROADMAP is;

People will accept an outcome they don't agree with if they can see that the process is fair.

Let us introduce more of what we'll cover in the following short video.


The pathway.

In the ROADMAP pathway we'll explore:

  1. The heady world of emotions. What they are, and how we navigate them effectively 
  2. You will also learn about traits versus behaviour. We want you to concentrate and hone in on the behaviour, not the person. It will be far easier to talk about in a tough conversation, and is better tied to success, and
  3. Lastly, you will learn how to get clarity through visually mapping the process. Good news is you don't have to be Leo Da Vinci to master this. 

Let's get cracking eh?