Ensure the process and consequence is known

Have you ever walked away from a meeting thinking that you know exactly what to expect next....only to find out something different?

 Of course you have. Seemed crystal clear to you at the time didn't it? But obviously, there were crossed wires there somewhere. And that's what we'll really zero in on within this learning stream. How do we remove confusion and keep us following the same pathway post-conversation.

Let's be up front. There's no rocket science in this module. But we've got a tonne of motivational and behavioural science coming your way. Who needs dem rockets anyways?

Ultimately NEXT STEPS is all about keeping the clarity rolling. It's like a John Farnham farewell tour...it should never end.

See the video below for our quick 'tour' of what's coming your way. No singing we promise...


The pathway.

So you've done the toughest bits. You've prepped, then had the conversation. Now's our time to really finish off in style by taking care of the NEXT STEPS.

In the NEXT STEPS pathway we'll look at:

  1. Telling the right stories at the conclusion, not dredging up old ones that serve us no purpose other than more pain.
  2. Some basic observance of our biggest driver of motivation will be explored; yep, that's right, we'll delve into ways to keep us —both parties— making progress,
  3. And we'll also learn that our first port of call in undertaking the journey of NEXT STEPS is to establish what contracts have been drawn up; not the paper variety, but the much more powerful psychological contracts.

Sound interesting? Good, that's what's just a click of a button away...