HOW WE DO It sometimes MATTERS more than why we're doing it

Have you ever been in a conversation where the conversation has turned into a personal attack?

Why did they take it so personally when it was just a work conversation?

Look, there's no disputing sometimes these tough conversations can just explode. Perhaps it's through an overt display of energy...raised voices, veins in the neck...that sort of thing. Other times it will be lots of tears, and occasionally it'll be the scary simmering...y'know, the glare. Yep. That one. The look that would give kids nightmares. 

So how does it go pear-shaped? Great question. There'd be a number of factors, but the two biggest ones are;

  1. They feel ambushed (but you've got that sorted if you've covered our 'before' modules ROADMAP and DIRECTION, right?)
  2. They feel it's less about the content and more about the context of your relationship. Or in plain speak; 'the boss doesn't like me'.

Our METHOD module really drills into the latter of these. Hear from us all the goodness we delve into in the following video:


The pathway.

So there you have it. Lots of good stuff ahead in this module. Super-practical stuff you can apply immediately. Like, er, today.

So here's the drill. We'll be walking through the following big 3 chunks of learning.

In the METHOD pathway we'll look at: 

  1. How the use of certain phrases are underpinned by strength, whereas others are just unhelpful in helping us find success. It's no secret you want to play in the strengths space
  2. Learn how to use three-point communication to deliver a message while making it less personal
  3. The key principle to depersonalise a conflict; separating the person from their behaviour.

Let's start there.