They go together like peas n' carrots. 

In many other modules we've preached the virtues of trust and fairness; how important they are, and how to create it.

But just because the conversation has now taken place, don't think that it's time to put the cue in the rack. Truly, the work in some ways is just getting started (cue collective groan).

But before you get frustrated, thinking 'when will this ever end?' let us put the following scenario to you.

Step 1: You prep really well for the conversation.

Step 2: You conduct the conversation really well.

Step 3: You wipe your hands of it and do nothing afterwards.

Step 4: No lasting results show, so you revert to step 1 again, this time with less faith in the process.

C'mon. You know you've got work to do to get the best results, don't you? Your engagement in the FOLLOW UP phase is critical to the ongoing success of lasting behavioural change. You've come too far to let all that good work come to nought.

Watch the following video to see what cool stuff we'll cover in this module;


The pathway.

In the FOLLOW UP pathway, we'll look at:

  1. A simple self-evaluation process on how you did in the tough conversation; this will bring learnings for that next one, that will inevitably be waiting for you some day...
  2. You will learn how to keep their trust, with consistency we'll dive into the 5 ways in which you will break trust! Some are so obvious, yet we do them all too often, and
  3. Lastly, we'll look into building a commitment to a simple, yet foundational trust-builder —committing to reconnection as your first action post-conversation. This is role modelling at its finest, but all too often is the biggest mistake busy managers make.

Regularly following up or checking in to see how someone is going will go a long way to building a relationship, let alone trust. So let's get started.