keep Them Active

As a Manager, have you ever walked out of a performance meeting with more work than the other person?...who should really be doing the work?

Have you ever found it really difficult to keep your subject fully engaged throughout a tough stuff discussion? Do they just sit there, arms crossed?

We've all faced this type of behaviour before; the sullen, downcast sometimes defensive body language and a non-communicative approach where mono-syllabic answers or simple grunts are about all you're getting from the other party.

It can be infuriating! You're trying to get them shifting their behaviour so they can do their job better, but it almost seems as though they don't want to help themselves. Arrrgggghhhhh.

But before you get too frustrated, we've got some ways to shift the behaviour and consequently shift the results. See what wondrous business is coming your way in the following video:


The pathway.

So by now —if you've done a few of our other killer modules— you'll notice the pattern. We cover three key pieces of learning. And this is no different. 

In the ENGAGEMENT pathway, we'll look at:

  1. Some techniques to keep people's focus and involvement and interactivity...when they're not even in the room with you!
  2. We're also going to make this super practical by giving you 7 specific ways you can increase their engagement levels. Why 7? Because 5 just ain't enough for someone like you, and heck, 9 would just be OTT, and
  3. Lastly, we'll explore the key driver for WHY you need to get them engaged and not simply bludgeon on with the conversation. It's so important. So important that we're going to start there.

See you in the modules...