FOCUS ON THE RESULT, not the problem

  • As a leader or manager, do you feel like you have the same conversations about less than great behaviours?
  • Do your performance conversations get bogged down in the nitty-gritty and nothing really comes of them, much less a new set of behaviours? 

Regardless, whether you're a 'yeah sometimes' or a 'hell-yeah!' affirmative response, often we can find ourselves getting mired in the problem state —sure, the state that brought the conversation to a head— rather than focused on the desired state we want to achieve. And focusing on the problem...well, that's a problem. It leads to repetition of effort, with seemingly no discernible reward which of course leads to us questioning why we even bother.

Unfortunately this sense of helplessness means we start to avoid the inevitable tough conversations; a really bad outcome. Of course, there is another option; we can get good at them! We are here to tell you that the latter is your best choice if you plan to be in a leadership or management role for any length of time.

A cornerstone of handling the tough conversations better is re-setting your internal 'compass'. Is it aligned to where we are, or where we want to be? Ultimately this is what the COMPASS module is designed to do — help us find that desired future state.

Check out this short video below to understand a bit of the learnings we'll cover in this module.


The pathway.

So in summary, in Compass, you will learn to focus on the outcome you want, using strategies to see more or less of behaviours.

In the COMPASS pathway, we'll look at:

  1. You will shift your concentration from the problem to the solution.
  2. You'll prepare for these tough stuff conversations, using the ABC model of human behaviour, you will learn why people do what they do, do, do!
  3. But most importantly, you'll gain an understanding of your own strengths and challenges. 

Knowing your own tough stuff will help you to prepare to deal with all the other tough stuff! It sounds simple doesn't it?! Ha! We'll see then.

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