So you've recently done the Tough Stuff program and hopefully are navigating your conversations really well. But there's always further to go down this well of self discovery and learning. And this is the place to help continue that effort. 

Years of research and tonnes of experience have gone into creating the Tough Stuff program...waaaay more than we could squeeze into a one day workshop! So here's the good news...we've got a bunch of extra epic resources for you, depending on whether you need to get ready BEFORE the conversation, DURING the conversation, or AFTER the conversation. 


So basically here are your two options: 

1. You could simply click on the area that you're most interested in (if you hover over each image it'll give you a better idea)

2. Or, you could go the linear fashion and start at the cornerstone with COMPASS and methodically work your way through.

Either way is fine. Enjoy.