Tough conversations at work are inevitable.

And they're never easy.

Have your ever put off having a feedback conversation with a staff member because it seemed too hard?

Have you ever lost sleep over a workplace conversation that didn't go well?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to handle sensitive situations more effectively?

Then, look no've landed in the right place. 

Have a snoop around below and access the information you seek in the way that best suits you. Why not come along and attend one of our face-to-face workshops where we go deep - really deep. You can also get your mitts on a copy of the book – heck why not buy a copy for everyone in your office? This stuff is too good not to share. And if you prefer the go-at-your-own-pace-kinda-way then there's the online experience sitting waiting for you. 


Delivered to in excess 10,000 managers across Australia alone, across a range or industries and sectors, our 1 and 2 day training programs are without peer. Grounded in validated Australian-based research (you won't find a single American case-study – thank god!) these workshops are real, practical and filled with tools to help you carry your next tough conversation to new levels.


A top 10 Australian Business book upon its release, Dealing with the Tough Stuff  has now been translated into three different languages and has provided enormous value for readers right around the world. Written by two psychologists and a behavioural scientist,  it is not only a well researched, it provides many practical examples and case studies throughout. 


Are you someone who likes to self-pace your learning? Maybe you're remote or outside the metro areas. Our Tough Stuff online offerings are highly engaging, cost effective, and provide access for everyone, anywhere, anytime. They're also a fantastic compliment to our workshop programs (as a post program deep-dive) of for readers of the book wishing to take their learning to another level.