It's a fancy sounding term isn't it? Ok then, let's move it out of boffin-speak and into something easier to understand.

Expectations. Make no mistake you and others are forming them every minute of the day. And obviously some count more than others.

If you've waded through a tough conversation, then undoubtedly both parties have formed a set of expectations, often far more important than anything that has been written on paper.


To be honest, sometimes there can be some really bizarre stuff taking place in people's heads you have no idea about.

But there's a really easy way to check in on expectations; it's to ask two killer questions.

  1. Can you tell me what are you going to do from here?
  2. And, can you also tell me what you expect me to do from here?

Often people ask the first, very few people ask the second.

But think about what happens if you don't ask the second question. You never find out their psychological contract do you? They had expectations of you, and you never deliver on them, because you didn't know what they were!

If you take a look back at the discussion planner we gave you as a download back in ROADMAP you'll see the right hand side 'stuff for them' and 'stuff for you' matches up to these two questions really nicely.

So this module is short, but boy-oh-boy is it a hugely important one.

2 simple questions that make a massive difference to the NEXT STEPS process.

See you in the next piece of learning, where we lift the lid on motivation...