out of sight, out of mind

Phew! Thank god that performance management conversation is over! [insert any other tough conversation in there]

Simply put, we're a hedonistic animal. We typically run towards pleasure and away from pain. It makes perfect sense when we don't enjoy things, we want to wash our hands of them and move on with life. The problem with this is you've just undone so much of your good work if you walk away without ticking off arguably the biggest box yet.

Make sure you make a plan to schedule in the next meeting. It's all about the FOLLOW UP.

You've got a choice to make around how your relationship progresses from this point. You could leave it transactional. They do their stuff, you do yours and life moves on.

But what if your relationship actually gets better because of this tough conversation?

SURE, IT'LL feel weird for a while

If there were a few spiky bits in the convo, then sure, for a little while it might take time for you to be the Brady Bunch...don't expect miracles in the first few days. But every relationship at some point needs a hero. You may as well be that hero don't you think?

Put your thinking cap on and explore how you could re-enter the relationship space post-conversation. For the longer term health of the relationship, the effort you put into re-connecting is invaluable.


Try to make the most of rituals so that when you are together, you can make the most of the time.

  • Going for a coffee in the mornings to talk about your weekend
  • Check-in phone calls to see how the week (or day) is going to pan out
  • Weekly lunches
  • Attending a conference together

Trust us, this is worth the effort.

Speaking of trust, in our next module we'll look at 5 of the big deal breakers to building trust. See you there.