more communication not less 

Working in remote teams is a growing trend across a wide range of businesses. As a general rule when you have remote teams you need to actively work hard to communicate more, not less. 

During times of tough situations, our natural tendency is to pull-back, to wait until we're face-to-face, which results in us communicating less. The reality is these are the times that we need to double-down on our touch-points. Trust is built in quantity as much as it is in quality of communication. 

Focus on more communication not less. 

engagement from a distance 

How do you ensure that someone is engaged in the conversation if they are not in the same room as you? Firstly trust your gut instinct. If you feel like the other person is not taking on board what you are saying call it out, with curiousity. If you feel like they are distracted with email or something else that's happening around them ask them to move into a neutral room and give you a call back. Maximise the possibility for success by helping them be present. Obviously it's key that you're present and not distracted too. 

The following are a few strategies for getting someone engaged via a phone or web conference conversation: 

  • Email them a checklist or handout to print off before you give them a call
  • Have them draw a model - continnuum to talk through e.g. 'on a scale of 1 - 10 how would you rate your...?' 
  • Have them write down main actions that need to happen next, including agreed timeframes
  • Email them after the conversation with agreed actions for both parties 
  • Send them a quick text message/ Skype message just before and just after the conversation 
  • Share your screen on Skype so that you are both looking at the same thing



Whilst these tips are critical for getting 'em engaged during the conversation, it's what happens after the conversation that is key to success. Let's explore strategies to FOLLOW-UP, create the NEXT STEPS, and ensure that we are embedding NEW BEHAVIOURS.