WHEN AND WHERE and what...It's basic but necessary

Cool. You've got the news about no surprises right? Right?

Good. So now let's move onto the nuts n' bolts of giving good direction.

The practicalities around the tough conversation logistics at a very high level are;

  • Never at their desk
  • Should avoid it at your desk
  • Use a neutral area
  • Try a walking meeting
  • Never on the last day of their working week, (never on a Friday)
  • Never at the end of the day
  • Always bring something with you to have a 3 point conversation with them, to depersonalise

Let's break that down a little more.

If you do have the conversation at their desk, whenever they are at their desk, they will now be constantly remembering the conversation they had with you. You 'contaminate' the space.

If it is at your desk, they may not feel comfortable about being at your desk in the future. The 'contamination' thing is still going to work against you.

Meeting rooms provide a nice option for both of you, or sometimes a coffee shop can work (depends on noise or potential confidentiality issues)

Using a walking meeting is a good way to clear the minds and have the flexibility to talk openly.

Don't do it on a Friday. That's just simply not cool for dozens of reasons, but the biggest is they will play the conversation over and over —and distort it— without the chance to bounce back to you. Bad move.

At a lesser level, having the conversation at the end of a day/shift does the same thing. It'll just create stewing time. Not yummy osso bucco stewing, but stewing in their brains. Nothing succulent about that.

Lastly, think in terms of visual objects. Whiteboards, flipcharts, documents, etc. You'll need them big time.

check it out...or check it off.

Love a checklist? Good. Download the following one to ensure you've got the basics covered.

It's not exciting stuff, but it can be the foundation to success. Make sure you've done your due diligence beforehand.

Watch contamination of yours and their working space. Neutral venues are a no-brainer.

Our next module will delve into the mysteries of cognitive framing. It's important you set up frames, otherwise people will bring their own. See you in there...