You need to focus on the outcome you want

Okey-doke. Now you've explored your own tough stuff, then moved onto learning about your (and their) ABC's, it's time for us now to step through some methodical questions and their answers to help guide you towards the outcome. Remember, our focus is to be aligned towards results rather than the problem. The truth is you can't change the past you can only shape the future.

Cool. Pick that pen up again...this time we'll be mapping ourselves towards the best possible solution for the scenario/conversation you might face, for yourself and for the business/organisation you work for. The way we'll do this isn't through buying a 'Vision-o-meter 2000'; it's through answering some simple, yet deeply thought provoking questions. There's actually 6 of them. 

In this handout, there are 6 questions you need to ask yourself:

Check out the handout to the left.

Although it's just 6 questions, it's also big stuff. They're perfect for aligning you, and the coming conversation, towards success. Best yet, they'll match in really nicely with our ROADMAP module.

We'll see you in one of the next modules then, eh?