THe loneliness of leadership is real

It can sure feel like you're outposted sometimes, particularly when you need to have those tough conversations. But rest easy.

Not like lay-on-a-couch-with-a-tube-of-pringles rest easy, but more like the take-a-deep-breath kind of rest easy. We're in your corner now and we've got a heap of useful info, links and supporting material to help you navigate these tough convos towards better outcomes.


Cracking question. Glad you asked.

Just as you might do for some travel or restaurant websites, you need to rate your tough stuff. Ratings help us gain an understanding of the decision we're about to make. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to manage the latter and get better at them, or take the former and get even better at them.

Dr Phil says 'you can't change what you don't acknowledge' and as we all know, daytime TV has all the answers to the world...hmmmm. 


Dr Phil's moustache aside, the truth is, it's worth aligning our own compass to what presses our buttons, and that's where we'll start this module.

What is your tough stuff then?



First, take a look at the handout to the left here.

Then, grab a pen, paper, smartphone, tablet, anything….just write it down! The sooner you can identify it, the more you can practice getting better at it.

Ask yourself these key questions…….. 

  1. What types of tough conversations do you think you manage well (you’ve got this)?
  2. What types of tough conversations do you struggle with (can’t keep calm)?
  3. What is it about these conversations that make them tough?

Pretty SIMPLe, but very powerful.

So…hopefully that has given you an insight into the areas that you need to pay more attention to. Don’t run and hide under the nearest blanket you can find…..have the courage to face those areas that need a little more TLC. Practice, practice, practice! And most importantly; find a peer you think does them well. They're good at that stuff for a reason, and you should learn from them.

Watch that lizard brain...

Being self-aware of your emotions will go a long way to guiding you on this (sometimes) roller-coaster ride of tough stuff conversations. One thing you can guarantee is that emotions will be present. Understanding which ones, and their drivers is a huge advantage towards achieving better outcomes.

From here; you can simply navigate by the buttons below in a step-by-step fashion (recommended), or alternatively you will see on the right-hand side of the page the option to explore the module in your own pattern. You can skip ahead or jump over any part.

But before you leave this page, we have...

Extra Goodies!  

Throughout this program we'll connect you with experts who's work we admire, and who's insights will be useful tools in your leadership toolkit. 

Brene Brown - The Power of Vulnerability

Dr Brene Brown's TED talk is one of the top viewed talks on and explores her research on the power of vulnerability. Her work and research is now being used by Fortune 50 companies across the world and has significant relevance for those in a leadership role. 

Take the time to watch this video.